Improving as a leader demands more time. Here’s how you get it.


Leadership is, in some ways, simpler than ever before. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, however. Changes to our economy and in the workplace mean that today’s leaders have very distinct priorities. They must:

  • Work to define and reinforce the organization’s mission, vision, and values, making it unmistakable why the organization exists, where it’s headed, and what it should be known for and known as.
  • Listen to the organization’s front-line employees—those who can best convey the voice of the customer—to learn what barriers are impeding their ability to deliver on the mission, realize the vision, and exemplify the values.
  • Work collaboratively with others in the organization to remove or mitigate these barriers.

Sounds effortless, right? Well, it’s not. While it’s certainly not complicated, meeting this standard requires considerably more time and attention than the old method of leadership by command and control. And today, there are more demands on our time and attention than ever before.

So, how do you position yourself to be a standout leader in this environment? The key is improving the skills best aligned with the demands of modern-day leadership. One skill you must develop is listening. But because listening demands that you put everything else aside, there’s one skill that’s most important of all: time management.

This is what I’ll be discussing on Nov. 17 in a seminar I’m conducting with Rich Earnest, founder of Earnest Consulting Group, called Leadership Lessons: Transform Your Results in the Coming Year. In just four hours, you’ll learn how to manage priorities, listen more attentively, and gain back hours every week, so you can inspire others to do their best work and ultimately get better results from your team—and yourself.

Some of the specific areas I’ll discuss include:

  • Avoiding inbox insanity: how to ensure your day isn’t dominated by email
  • Productivity best practices: how to get more done in less time so you can focus on your people
  • Productivity tools and life hacks: Apps, tips, and tricks that work
  • Setting boundaries with your time: Learning when to say “no” so you can say “yes” to what really matters.

In addition, you’ll hear what Rich has to say about:

  • Connecting your mission and your work
  • Standards of behavior
  • Rounding on employees
  • Employee recognition

It’s the perfect preface to your best year ever. And it’s the first step toward becoming the leader you’ve always known you could be.


Registration is just $99 per person. Click here to register.


Leadership Lessons: Transform Your Results in the Coming Year

Thursday, November 17, 2016

8:00 am – 12:00 noon EST

$99 per person


Indiana Tech Academic Center, Talwar Leadership Center

1600 East Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne


Light breakfast/snacks provided. Please use Indiana Tech’s visitor parking. 


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